Julia, Laura, and Jacklin’s Top Reads of 2018

Julia’s Top Five


Min Jin Lee

This book is for any fan of Haruki Murakami. Starting in the early 1900s in East Asia, a teenage girl falls for a wealthy stranger. It is not until she becomes pregnant that she discovers that he is married. Her decisions after this sets off an wonderfully written, multi-generational story full of powerful sacrifice and astounding love.

Before I Fall

Lauren Oliver

This teen pick is for any fan of If I Stay by Gayle Foreman. After Samantha Kingston, high school senior, dies in an accident on the night of a Valentine’s Day themed party, she relives the day over and over, finding how much of an effect her actions have on what unfolds. 

Black Clover

Yuki Tabata

This is a delightful manga series on par with Naruto and Bleach. In a world where the ability to do magic shows your class and is essential for success, Asta is born with none. Despite this, he still goes after his dream of becoming the Wizard King, the greatest mage in the land.

Ghengis: Birth of an Empire

Conn Iggulden

This is the first in the Conqueror series. It tells an alternate story of Ghengis Khan, starting with a heartbreaking tale of his childhood when he was called Temujin, and his entire family was abandoned because of a neighboring tribe’s betrayal. This book is for anyone who loves alternative history and well-developed historical fiction. 


Tara Westover

This top pick is intriguing and sure to stay with you long after you read it.  The only interaction Tara Westover had with the outside world was when they went to church every Sunday, and even then her father warned her that most of them were Gentiles thinking they were true disciples. Westover’s story is intense and almost unbelievable.

Laura’s Top Five


Svetlana Chmakova

Children’s graphic novels are becoming more and more prominent on children’s reading lists, and this one is delightful. Anyone that has read Raina Telgemeir’s graphic novels will love this realistic middle school story. Enjoy going along with some of the same characters as Awkward, the first book in this graphic novel series.

Love and Luck

Jenna Evans Welch

This book is by the same author as a beloved teen fiction book, Love and Gelato. Addie discovers an interesting guidebook on her family’s trip to Ireland called Ireland for the Heartbroken. The book provides an escape from her complicated family relationships, but she has to deal with them eventually, and when they are all forced in a car together, tension builds. 

Fool’s Errand

Robin Hobb

This great fantasy pick is filled with world building, magic, and mystery. It is the first in the Tawny Man trilogy, followed by Golden Fool and Fool’s Fate. Any fans of David Gemmell and Mercedes Lackey will love this delightful story. 

A Cedar Cove Christmas

Debbie Macomber

Along with any of the Cedar Cove novels, this book is light, heartwarming, and, of course, full of love and happy endings. It is for anyone trying to escape from the harsh realities of the world. Read this with a warm cup of a comforting beverage and a cozy chair, and you are sure to have a wonderful time.

The Five Love Languages

Gary Chapman

Gary Chapman proposes in this book that there are five different ways that people prefer to show and receive love.

  • Physical Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time

Learning your own love language will help you understand your self. Learning the love languages of those around you will help you better understand your loved ones and strengthen those relationships.

Jacklin’s Top Five

The Cruel Prince

Holly Black

Holly Black is a phenomenal writer of several teen and children’s fiction books. The Cruel Prince is one of her most recent teen books based in High Court of Faerie, where Jude and her two sisters have grown up after their parents are murdered in childhood. Jude wants to stay, despite her mortality as a human, but to do so would cross lines with Prince Cardan, possibly one of the cruelest of the faeries. 

The Prince and His Dressmaker

Jen Wang

Prince Sebastian wants nothing more than to wear beautiful dresses and make a fashion statement. He and his dressmaker, Frances, come up with an alter ego, Lady Crystallia, who quickly becomes a fashion icon in Paris. But secrets can’t be kept forever, and not everybody would accept Prince Sebastian’s preferred lifestyle, especially his parents. This is a delightful graphic novel full of gender fluidity, friendship, and life lessons.

Strange the Dreamer

Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor, well-known for her Smoke and Bone series, goes to a whole new level with this well written and intriguing teen novel. In a world where dreams choose the dreamers, not the other way around, Lazlo Strange is haunted by a blue-skinned goddess in his dreams. While he wonders who she is, he goes in search of lost wonders of the city Weep.

Fierce Fairytales

Nikita Gill

This wonderful collection of Fairytales turns the classics on their heads. Different, previously untold perspectives are introduced, bringing new fresh light to stories full of stereotypes and cliches. This book is great for people who love reading modern re-tellings and untraditional fairy tales.

I Might Regret This

Abbi Jacobson

Abbi Jacobson, co-star of TV Show Broad City, shares her experiences as she goes on a road trip across America. Full of hilarious rants, intense anxiety sessions, and honest thoughts of what it feels like to be an adult, this book is sure to make you laugh and relate. Anyone who is a fan of Broad City will love this book.

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